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Amy Overman publishes study on brain rehabilitation

A research article authored by Assistant Professor Amy Overman has been published in the March issue of the journal NeuroRehabilitation.

Assistant Professor Amy Overman

"Computer-based training and cognitive improvement after adult-onset malaria: A case report" is the first ever to demonstrate improvement in cognition in an adult after cerebral malaria. Cerebral malaria is a complication of falciparum malaria in which the brain sustains damage and cognitive impairments remain even after recovery from the other physical symptoms of malaria.

Recent research has highlighted the prevalence and seriousness of these cognitive impairments for survivors of malaria infection. Thus, Overman's study represents an important step forward in developing effective interventions to reduce malaria's long-term, negative effects on the brain and cognition.

NeuroRehabilitation is a highly-ranked international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that, "emphasizes publication of scientifically based, practical information relevant to all aspects of neurologic rehabilitation."

Amy Overman,
4/6/2012 4:43 PM