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Young alumni set record in IGNITE Challenge: 1,653 donors

Elon young alumni and seniors made the third and final IGNITE Challenge the most successful yet.

Kerrii Anderson '79

During March, 1,422 alumni and 231 seniors participated in the Challenge for a total of 1,653 donors—the largest number of donors since the first Challenge was launched in 2010. All gifts of $20 or more during March were matched 5-to-1 by Elon alumna and Trustee Kerrii Anderson ’79. Last year, 1,529 donors, including 1,394 alumni and 135 seniors, made gifts during the Challenge.

Young alumni gifts combined with Anderson’s match brought in $492,316 to the university. Elon thanks all young alumni for their gifts, which will strengthen academic programs, scholarships, the Elon Experiences, athletics and the School of Law among other priorities. Many donors chose to designate their gifts to the school, academic department or program that meant the most to them.

Click on the link to the right to view a special thank you message from Anderson.

"Elon is grateful to all the young alumni who made the final Challenge a huge success," says Maggie Byerly, director of annual giving and parent programs. "Young alumni are the future of Elon and they have demonstrated great leadership by supporting their alma mater. Annual gifts from alumni are critical to Elon’s success, and we are thrilled to see so many young alums give back to the university that meant so much to them. We look to young alumni to continue the wonderful tradition of giving they started with the Challenge and to support Elon every year. This is an important part of being partners, advocates and investors in Elon’s future.”

Young alums who missed the Challenge can still support their favorite program or experience by making a gift this fiscal year, which ends on May 31. Click on the link to the right to make your gift.

IGNITE Challenge results:
Total young alumni gifts: 1,422
Total senior gifts: 231
Total donors: 1,653
Total dollars: $492,316 (includes Kerrii’s match)

Total young alumni gifts: 1,394
Total senior gifts: 135
Total donors: 1,529
Total dollars: $480,939

Total young alumni gifts: 628
Total dollars: $205,028

Jaleh Hagigh,
4/5/2012 12:15 PM