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Overman presents at international cognitive aging conference

Amy Overman, assistant professor of psychology, presented her research at the 14th Cognitive Aging Conference.

Overman lab at Cognitive Aging Conference 2012

The work was co-authored by two research students that Overman mentors, Leslie Hart '12 and Katy Milizio '12. The poster presentation, which summarized two of Overman's current research projects, was titled " Differential Effects of Associative Strategy and Pair Repetition in Young and Older Adults in an Associative List Discrimination Task," These projects examined older adults' ability to remember words and faces together, and how their memory for word-face pairs is affected by repetitions of the pairs versus specific memory strategies. The findings indicate that the effects of these factors on pair memory are different for older adults versus young adults. The projects build on one of the main research priorities of Overman's lab, which is to understand how memories are formed for the associations between different pieces of information, and how this process can be strengthened in older adults.

The Cognitive Aging Conference is the premier academic conference for research on aging and cognition, and is attended primarily by professors and graduate students from universities across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Amy Overman,
5/1/2012 2:32 PM