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Students in LEAD Program attend Tier II Retreat

Tier Two members of the LEAD Program spent a weekend away from campus to deepen their understanding of how to effectively lead others. Through hands-on activities and simulations, students learned about group dynamics, effective communication, collaboration and consensus, negotiation, managing controversy, understanding and embracing diversity, and empowering others.

“The Tier Two retreat is designed to challenge students to not only collaborate with one another but also to reevaluate a lot of their preconceived notions of privilege and power. Our ultimate goal is to make students aware of privilege and power dynamics and then equip them with the knowledge and resources to make changes within our community here at Elon as well as on a larger, global scale. I find it so rewarding to be a part of such difficult, but necessary conversations. It is great to be surrounded by fifty to sixty people who are all interested in bettering themselves and our university. Forming friendships on the retreat allows us to hold one another accountable once we get back on campus and return to our busy lives," said Ashley Fowler, the student director in charge of Tier Two.

Stephanie Kilmer, a Tier Two member said, “The Tier Two retreat was a rejuvenating experience that came at the perfect time in my leadership development. As a sophomore student, I have found my ‘place’ on campus and am at the point where I can begin making a difference within my organizations.”

The Tier II retreat is one of the requirements for students in the LEAD Program. The LEAD Program is a three tier self-paced leadership program open to all students. If you are interested in learning more please stop by the Center for Leadership in Moseley 224 or check out the Center for Leadership website.

Stacey Markham,
11/6/2012 1:58 PM