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Elon Model UN ranked No. 22 in the nation

Elon is the top-ranked collegiate program in North Carolina in rankings released by the Model UN consulting company Best Delegate.

The Model UN Executive Board of Fall 2012


The Elon Model UN team was recently ranked 22nd in the country following successful showings at conferences in the fall.

Best Delegate, a MUN consulting company that monitors the competitive collegiate circuit, ranks teams according to the number of awards they are given at each conference, as well as the overall participation scores of each delegate.

This is the first year Elon has been ranked and Best Delegate credits the work of delegates at both the National Collegiate Security Conference and the Duke International Security Conference.

From the rankings: "Elon breaks into the top 25 after an impressive top-10 showing at NCSC and a top-5 finish at DISCon. Those performances put this liberal arts college in company with many big university names, and it may be time to start remembering Elon too."

Elon is the only team in North Carolina in the top 25, topping both Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. The team travels this spring to the West Point Security Conference in February and the University of Chicago's CHOMUN conference in April, with a possible third conference in between. 

Anna McCracken,
2/12/2013 9:16 AM