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Elon Model UN collects honors at West Point, Turkey

Elon's delegation won awards in competitions at two Model UN conferences.

The Elon delegation to West Point in front of a portrait of General Pershing


The past few weeks have been big for the Elon Model UN Society.

On Feb. 27, a 10-person delegation left for the United States Military Academy at West Point to attend the West Point Model UN Invitational. The group spent several days working through the American response to the Mali crisis and related incidents in the Caucus region in committees that ranged from the international investment firm Minerva Group to the National Security Council. Students also got to experience many aspects of life at West Point, including a meal with cadets in the mess hall and a round at the electronic shooting range.

Anna McCracken, Robert Dean, and Kirsten Holland at Model United Nations Turkey

The delegation won several awards at the conference. Kirsten Holland received the Outstanding Delegate award in the Special Operations Command Europe Committee; Robert Dean was given an Honorable Mention for his job as  the Secretary of State in the National Security Council; and David Oleksak won an Honorable Mention for his portrayal of Sen. Todd Puga in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 

This year's team for the West Point Model UN Invitational included Robert Dean, Kirsten Holland, Anna McCracken, Anthony Philips-Spencer, Joshua McGee, Gregory Honan, Joe Kelley, Dave Oleksak, Alex Francis and Michelle Rich. 

Immediately following Closing Ceremonies at West Point, Robert Dean, Anna McCracken, Kirsten Holland and advisor Chalmers Brumbaugh traveled to Antalya, Turkey, to participate in the Model United Nations Turkey conference. All three students said it was an amazing and unique experience that gave them a better insight on the international perspective on foreign affairs.

The Elon delegation won two awards in Turkey. Robert Dean was declared Outstanding Delegate in the United Nations Security Council after representing the United Kingdom and Kirsten Holland was given an Honorable Mention for her portrayal of the UK in a Future UN Security Council.  

Anna McCracken,
3/13/2013 2:19 PM