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  1. Elon Law to host national symposium on experiential education in law

    Hosted by Elon Law and the Alliance for Experiential Learning in Law, the June 13-15 symposium will feature William C. Hubbard, President Elect of the American Bar Association, and Bill Henderson, Professor of Law, Maurer School of Law at Indiana University at Bloomington.

  2. A new arrival Under the Oaks

    Workers spent Tuesday morning planting a tree in a campus grove known as Under the Oaks after a winter ice storm last month led to the removal of a tree that predated Elon's founding.

  3. Lumen Scholar traces the history of mental illness guide

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is the nation’s most recognized resource for classifying conditions like depression and anxiety, but through five editions and half a century, its self-professed raison d'être continues to evolve. Elon University senior Kelsey O’Connell set out to learn “why,” and more importantly, she wanted to pinpoint “how.”

  4. New verse of Elon’s alma mater performed at Convocation

    Composed by Associate Professor Stephen A. Futrell in the Department of Music, a “celebratory verse” that originally debuted as part of the university’s Ever Elon fundraising campaign was formally recognized this spring as a permanent addition to the institution’s alma mater.

  5. Goodbye old friend

    A historic white oak tree located in the campus area known as Under the Oaks succumbs to ice damage and rot.

  6. Elon Choral Activities Releases New CD

    The live recording features the Elon University Camerata and Chorale with the auditioned choral ensembles from Williams High and Cedar Ridge High School.

  7. The Oaks & Historic Neighborhood win POWERless competition

    The equivelant of 16 homes in North Carolina could have been powered for a month with the electricity saved by students living on Elon University's campus in a recent contest that challenged residence halls to cut back on energy use.

  8. Book offers new ethical approach to living in global economy

    "Solidarity Ethics: Transformation in a Globalized World" by Elon University's Rebecca Todd Peters explores the moral challenges of living in a global economy and imagines new ways of combating social injustices by building deeper relationships with those who suffer.

  9. Elon begins updates to Sustainability Master Plan

    The Office of Sustainability and the Environmental Advisory Council are hosting events on April 2 and April 23 for students, faculty and staff to contribute ideas and suggestions for the future of environmental, social and economic initiatives on campus.