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  1. Roland’s paper published in accounting journal

    Research co-authored by Assistant Professor Kristin Roland examines the relation between pension plan payout horizon and pension asset allocation using information from SFAS 132(R) mandated disclosures.

  2. In open government lawsuits, a look at who pays (and who should)

    A forthcoming law review article by Elliot Engstrom, an Elon Law Legal Method and Communication Fellow, analyzes a North Carolina law that leaves open to interpretation who should cover the costs of legal fees when a person sues state and local governments for lack of transparency.

  3. Aaron Trocki presents original research

    Aaron Trocki, assistant professor of mathematics presented his research at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education in Washington, DC on March 26-30, 2018.

  4. Arangala, Yokley and Luke publish innovative text in mathematical modeling

    Professor of Mathematics Crista Arangala, Associate Professor of Mathematics Karen Yokley and Associate Professor of Mathematics Nicholas Luke (N.C. A&T State University) published a new book, "Mathematical Modeling: Branching Beyond Calculus," that focuses on exposing a broad audience to mathematical modeling. 

  5. Aaron Trocki and Maddie Jaudon present original research

    Aaron Trocki, assistant professor of mathematics, and Maddie Jaudon, applied mathematics major, presented their research at the Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education Conference in San Diego, California on Feb. 22-24, 2018.

  6. New edition of Johansson and Chinworth textbook to be released on Feb. 7

    The second edition of "Mobility in Context: Principles of Patient Care Skills," authored by Charity Johansson and Susan Chinworth and published by F. A. Davis Company, instructs students in patient mobility skills that are based on current clinical evidence and practiced within the context of patient-centered care.

  7. Proudfit has two publications in January

    In January, Scott Proudfit, Assistant Professor of English, published an essay in the journal Modern Drama and a chapter and introduction in Palgrave's edited collection "Contemporary Approaches to Adaptation in Theatre."

  8. Mark Enfield and Teaching Fellow alum Sara Rosenthal '16 collaborate on book about science education

    Enfield, associate professor of education worked with Rosenthal to write “Taking science home: Reflexivity on becoming a teacher insider in an afterschool science program,” a book about their efforts to bring science learning to local children in an informal after-school program. The book narrates their efforts to become insiders in the social and cultural context, their learning as teachers, and the ways that science learning mediated between the children, teachers, context and content through the after-school program.