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  1. Retired coach publishes book on tennis

    Tom Parham, a distinguished former Elon coach and professor, authored “The Little Green Book of Tennis” to share winning techniques learned from mentors and observations from his own five decades helping others enjoy the sport.

  2. A victory for government speech

    Elon Law Professor Scott Gaylord says today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to vacate a lower court decision that had prohibited North Carolina’s “Choose Life” license plate marks an important victory for government speech.

  3. Catherine McNeela featured in Huffington Post

    The William S. Long Professor and professor of performing arts was featured in Huffington Post author Mary Anna Dennard's June edition of the "Women in the Performing Arts" series.

  4. No more waiting

    Elon Law Professor Enrique Armijo says U.S. Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling means “the right to marry the person you love can no longer be made to wait for the time it takes for the voters to debate and approve.”

  5. In Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling, context is king

    Elon Law Professor and Senior Scholar Steven Friedland says today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling positions Chief Justice Roberts as chief protector of the Affordable Care Act and reveals the Court’s approach in determining the meaning and intent of the law.

  6. Compelled speech in the medical context

    Scholarship by Elon Law Professor Scott Gaylord recently published in the South Carolina Law Review addresses a federal circuit court split over the authority of states to require doctors to communicate specific information to patients prior to an abortion.

  7. Kimberly Fath earns Ph.D.

    The assessment specialist in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment was awarded a doctorate in higher education.

  8. Campus gathering reflects on tragedy in Charleston

    Staff, faculty and students shared thoughts in a Friday program hosted by the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education that concluded with handwritten notes of support to a South Carolina church where nine people were killed days earlier because of their race.

  9. Summer Writing Boot Camp - July 22

    The Center for Writing Excellence is offering our first Summer Writing Boot Camp on Wednesday, July 22, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. in Oaks 212.

  10. Celebrate Magna Carta

    For the 800th anniversary of one of the world’s most important documents, Elon Law Dean Luke Bierman writes in a Greensboro News & Record column that “history’s most important and persuasive statements of liberty, justice and equality, including our own U.S. and state constitutions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights, derive from that field in Runnymede 800 years ago.”

  11. 'Clean Data' offers clear guidance for data scientists

    It takes patience to correct misspelled words, convert file formats and remove incomplete records when analyzing large amounts of information contained in databases and spreadsheets. A new book by Elon University Professor Megan Squire helps to make such tasks easier.

  12. Lauren Kearns presents in Belgium

    Lauren Kearns, associate professor of dance, presented her somatic research and a dance piece in the International Body-Mind Centering Conference in Ghent, Belgium.