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  1. In My Words: How to disagree in close quarters

    The Burlington Times-News and The Huffington Post recently featured a guest column by Anthony Hatcher, associate professor of communications, who writes about the lessons learned from students who disagree without being disagreeable. 

  2. In My Words: Owning the Stories of Slaves in America

    Newspapers around North Carolina recently featured a guest column by Naeemah Clark, associate professor of communications, who assesses reactions to recent comments by first lady Michelle Obama about the role of slave labor in the construction of the White House. 

  3. In My Words: The constitutionality of HB2 revisited

    Elon University School of Law faculty members Scott Gaylord and Tom Molony wrote for several regional newspapers about the way the controversial law known as HB2 might be upheld in North Carolina, and why the debate over such laws should continue regardless. 

  4. In My Words: An open-and-shut case against HB2

    Elon University School of Law Associate Professor Enrique Armijo penned a column for North Carolina's largest newspapers in which he argues that state lawmakers passed an unconstitutional law this spring by limiting the rights of local towns and counties to create nondiscrimination ordinances. 

  5. In My Words: The threat of Obama

    Professor Rebecca Todd Peters' recent blog entry for Patheos.com - a column also published by regional newspapers - deconstructs the historical context for animosity toward President Barack Obama that, in some instances, is directly tied to racism.

  6. In My Words: OscarsSoWhat?

    Associate Professor Naeemah Clark recently published a column in regional newspapers about the lack of diversity among 2016 Academy Award nominees, and how recent changes in the Academy will produce a broader selection of nominees in future years.

  7. In My Words: Why the Y is the 'true America'

    A newspaper column by Professor Tom Arcaro reflects on the YMCA's first national advertising campaign, "The Y. For a better us," and contrasts the Y's mission with rhetoric in the 2016 presidential election cycle.

  8. In My Words: Eliminate Duke's monopoly on renewables

    Associate Professor Jeffrey S. Coker authored a guest column for regional newspapers in which he criticizes Duke Energy’s efforts to stop a North Carolina nonprofit from selling solar power to a Greensboro church.

  9. In My Words: Legal protections needed for 'on-demand' workers

    In a guest column published by several regional newspapers, Associate Professor Eric Fink at the Elon University School of Law points out shortcomings in federal labor laws as they apply to workers for app-based companies like Uber and Taskrabbit.

  10. In My Words: Brought to you by the letters HBO and $$$

    Associate Professor Naeemah Clark authored a guest column for regional newspapers about a new partnership between the Children's Television Network, which produces the beloved children's program "Sesame Street," and the premium cable network HBO.

  11. In My Words: Government transparency is being lost

    Jonathan D. Jones, director of the N.C. Open Government Coalition and an instructor in Elon University's School of Communications, authored a guest column for several North Carolina newspapers about recent changes to state public record laws.

  12. In My Words: Taking a bite out of shark fears

    If you're planning one final trip to the shore before the arrival of autumn, Associate Professor Jeffrey S. Coker has data and perspective about the "summer of the shark" that he shares in a guest column published by several regional newspapers.

  13. In My Words: Don't lose sight of the good cops

    Associate Professor Anthony Hatcher writes for regional newspapers about the ease with which Americans forget about good police officers in an era when the public is easily riveted by abuses caught on cell phone video.

  14. In My Words: Sun rises to take on climate change

    In the lead up to Earth Day 2015, Associate Professor Dave Gammon writes for regional newspapers about the falling costs of solar energy and the bright news ahead for both the environment and industry.

  15. In My Words: Forgetting lynching at our peril

    Professor Rebecca Todd Peters recently published a column on the Huffington Post and in regional newspapers about the complexity of teaching her young daughters about the history of racism in the United States and the concept of privilege.

  16. In My Words: The 'Friendship Nine' show that history keeps evolving

    Kenn Gaither, an associate professor and associate dean in the School of Communications, writes in regional newspapers about his experience growing up the son of a civil rights activist and what a recent South Carolina courtroom decision says about today's struggles for social justice.