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Elon launches Alumni Giving Outreach initiative

Talk to any Elon alumnus about his or her time at Elon and you’ll typically be greeted with a grin and a lengthy gush about a top-notch education, wonderful experiences, and lifelong friendships. Yet that enthusiasm hasn’t translated into a healthy alumni annual giving percentage for the university. That’s exactly what Elon’s Alumni Giving Outreach initiative seeks to address.

Alumni Giving Outreach calls upon alumni and/or university employees who are former leaders, advisors, or members of student organizations and asks them to reach out to former members of their organization on the subject of giving back to Elon. These leaders will be recognized as Outreach Captains, and will play an integral role in the success of this effort.

Many alumni have already been participating in the Tap Five Campaign, which asks former students to contact five of their alumni friends about making a gift to support Elon. Alumni Giving Outreach is an effort to target and expand Tap Five, shifting the focus to the groups and organizations that alumni hold dear, while maintaining the same original goal.

Visit the Alumni Giving Outreach website, which offers alumni several resources to learn about annual giving and hold effective conversations with fellow alumni on the topic. You can also volunteer to become an Outreach Captain for your campus organization.

Jeremy Allen,
1/28/2011 5:12 PM