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Final IGNITE Challenge numbers are in: 1,394 young alumni donors

A record 1,394 young alumni made gifts to Elon as part of the IGNITE Challenge in March, exceeding the 1,200 donor goal and helping to bring in $480,939 to the university. By surpassing the donor goal, young alumni enabled Elon to receive bonus gifts totaling $40,000 from Elon alumna and trustee Kerrii Anderson '79 and a group of nine young alumni. Elon is grateful to all young alumni who participated in the Challenge.

Anderson led the second IGNITE Challenge this year by matching all gifts of $20 or more 5-to-1 during March. She will match all qualifying gifts plus donate an additional $20,000 for meeting the donor goal.

The young alumni who stepped forward to make a $20,000 bonus gift are: Ian Baltutis '08, Parker Turner ‘06, Emily Turner ‘06, Jay Myers ‘07, R.J. Yozwiak ‘08, Jack McMackin ‘08, Andrew Bennett ‘08, Kathleen Niple ’05 and Cam Tims ’00.

Final results:
Number of young alumni donors: 1,394
Young alumni gifts: $69,905
Total raised: $480,939

Elon seniors also participated in the Challenge as they prepare to join the ranks of young alumni later this spring. More than 130 seniors made a gift to the university in March and had them matched 5-to-1 by Anderson. Their contributions, totaling $3,584, are included in the total dollars raised. Those seniors are now members of IGNITE, Elon's young alumni giving program.

This year's results far surpassed the totals from the first Challenge in 2010. Last year, 628 young alumni donated more than $34,000 to Elon. The total raised was $205,028.

Young alumni who missed this year's Challenge can still make a difference at Elon by clicking on the Give Now link to the right.

Thank you to all young alumni donors!


Jaleh Hagigh,
4/11/2011 8:37 AM