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Graves family gift supports multi-faith center

Meredith and Kelly Graves with daughters Sarah '12 and Caroline '13

When Elon parents Kelly and Meredith Graves heard about the concept for the university's multi-faith center, they knew they wanted to support it.

“We loved the idea of giving students a nice place to meet to practice their faiths and to learn about other faiths,” says Kelly Graves, who along with Meredith is a member of Elon’s Parents Council. “This center will further the education of everyone and open some doors. We could make the world a better place if we understood each other a little better.”

The couple has made a $100,000 commitment to the Ever Elon Campaign to support the multi-faith center, which will be centrally located on campus as the sixth pavilion in the Academic Village. They are pleased with the experiences of their daughters, Sarah, an Elon junior, and Caroline, who is a sophomore.

“Elon has fulfilled everything that we needed for both our daughters,” Graves says. “They’ve made good friends and contacts, and the engaged style of learning is clearly an important factor at Elon.”

“In addition, the faculty are very approachable and focused on their students,” says Meredith Graves.

The couple also has made a planned gift, designating Elon as the beneficiary of a retirement account to help secure the university’s future. Kelly Graves, executive vice president of Carroll Financial in Charlotte, N.C., says Elon needs support now and in the future through planned, or deferred, gifts.

“Making Elon the beneficiary of an IRA is a great way to go because of the tax savings,” he says. “Elon needs support now more than ever to finish the campaign. As parents, I think it’s important that we understand that our tuition checks don’t cover the entire cost of an Elon education. That’s one of the reasons we’re happy to support Elon, and we feel very fortunate that we can do this."

Jaleh Hagigh,
5/16/2011 10:05 AM