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"Students with Drive:" Zipcar awarding grants to student groups

Zipcar, in partnership with Ford, has announced its "Students with Drive" program where the company will award $300,000 to student groups at Zipcar schools.

Each month, Students With Drive will award 15 grants totaling $37,500 to deserving student organizations across the country so members of these clubs can use Zipcars for free.

  • Students With Drive program will select 15 finalists from 5 categories each month. Organizations can be as small as a club athletic team or as large as a chapter of Greek Life.
  • Five winning student orgs will receive $5,500 to put towards Zipcar memberships and driving credit (each of the runner-ups will receive $1,000).
  • There is no need for the group or submitter to be a Zipster prior to submitting their group to the program.
  • Students enter the competition and vote on Facebook.
  • There is no cost to compete for a grant or vote for a winner.

For more information and to enter visit the Zipcar Facebook page or http://apps.facebook.com/students-with-drive/

Kristi Jacobsen,
10/5/2011 10:37 AM