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POWERless Week #2 Results

Results are in from Week #2 of this spring’s three-week POWERless Energy Competition. One more week to go! Remember to reduce your use!

Results by competition category are as follows:
Buildings Division I: Oaks A has taken a huge lead with a reduction of 17.8%. Oaks buildings E, F, B and C follow with reductions ranging from 8.4% to 10.6%.

Buildings Division II: Academic Village – Cannon holds on the lead with a 33.8% reduction. Academic Village – Kenan and Loy Center J,K,L,M are closely following with reductions of 27.6% and 25% respectively.

Areas Division I: The Oaks Area is leading the Division I Areas, with an 10.3% reduction. East Area and West Area follow with a close tie for second with 3.7% and 3.4% reduction.

Areas Division II: The Academic Pavilions are leading in the Division II Areas, with a 30.8% reduction.

For more results information, visit the Building Dashboard link on the right and be sure to “Commit to Conserve” on the Building Dashboard to be entered to win prizes! Some buildings such as the Danieley Center are updated once a week not in real-time. If you have questions about this ask your Eco-Rep.

For more competition information and to learn more about sustainability initiatives on campus please visit the Elon Sustainability Facebook page.

Kristi Jacobsen,
3/7/2012 8:59 AM