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Young alumni donors to the IGNITE Challenge reflect on their Elon experiences

More than 700 young alumni have made gifts to the university and participated in the final IGNITE Challenge, which ends on March 31. Here's a sampling of what they said after making their gifts.

"Elon provided a great foundation for me and has helped me launch my career and life in the right direction! Thank you!"
--Tyler Brandt '06

"Elon taught me to be a leader. Early in a career you may not have a leadership 'title', but that doesn't mean you are not a leader. Thanks Elon University for defining what leadership means to me."
--Maggie Santry ’08

"I support Elon because of the intangible gifts it gave me as an undergrad. I have been able to take with me the lessons and skills that helped me grow and apply them on my job. I'm proud to be an Elon alum!"
--Lauren Flood ’11

"I give to Elon annually to be an active alum and to give back to a university that gave me such a great education and network of friends! LONG LIVE ELON!"
--Cameron Davis ’06

"Great Memories!!! Great Education!!"
--Carrie Nicholas Moss ’04

"Elon is a community that fosters relationships among students, staff and faculty. As a 'baby acorn' on Elon's campus your first year to a 'blossoming oak tree' your senior year and beyond, Elon gives you a support system that you will have for life—and that is irreplaceable. Our community is one of a kind and has allowed me not only to exceed academically but to develop professionally and personally into a person that I am proud of. I am incredibly thankful for the Elon Family!"
--Lauren Fellmeth ’10

Jaleh Hagigh,
3/23/2012 5:05 PM