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School of Health Sciences honors faculty achievements

Faculty and staff were honored April 25 for their commitment to teaching, service and scholarship.


Remarks from Elizabeth A. Rogers, dean of the School of Health Sciences:

Excellence in Teaching
Janet M. Cope, Ph.D.
The School of Health Sciences award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes a faculty member who exemplifies the Elon University teacher-scholar model. This person is outstanding in the classroom, engages students in the learning process, maintains academic rigor, and provides evidence of commitment to the intellectual development of students through mentoring and related activities.

"This year’s awardee is described as providing support while demanding competency in the material. Dr. Cope uses case examples to bring the course to life as there is an integration of courses such as anatomy, human movement, and clinical integration. Janet is a strong student advocate. Her student evaluations are extremely high for both the School and the University. A few comments from her students: 'Dr. Cope is a one of a kind professor…you can pick-up on this person’s energy,' and 'Dr. Cope has a passion for each of us to succeed.' It has also been stated that 'the Elon teacher/scholar model is exemplified by this professor,' and 'Dr. Cope handles the difficult task of introducing students to human donors with compassion, and grace, always reminding students to respect one another and their personal boundaries with dissection.”

Excellence in Service
Stephen E. Folger, PT, Ph.D.
The School of Health Sciences award for Excellence in Service recognizes a faculty member who exemplifies the Elon servant-leadership model. This award is based on service in the preceding year plus overall willingness to volunteer one’s time when needed and to carry new ideas to reality.

"Many areas of service come to mind when thinking about Dr. Folger’s service. His service includes: past chair of the Academic Council; chair of two tenure and promotions appeal boards; and member of the Neuroscience Minor Advisory Committee. While serving as associate chair for the Department of Physical Therapy Education, he continues to be intimately involved with the development of the DPT Vision. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of all in the School of Health Sciences during the re-construction and move-in phase of the Francis Center. With all these service responsibilities, Steve still maintains a great relationship with the students that he teaches and receives outstanding student evaluations."

Excellence in Service
Deborah M. Bryan
The School of Health Sciences award for Excellence in Service recognizes a staff member who has been a part of the Department of Physical Therapy Education since 2001.

"When prospective students come to meet with faculty members, Ms. Bryan puts them at ease and welcomes them to the Department. As students matriculate into the program, Deborah takes on many responsibilities not included in the job description of being an administrative assistant. Her door is always open to students and they quickly learn to trust and respect her. While she is professional in her interactions with students, she calms and offers directions to assist them in having success in the program. Deborah is a team player, counselor, mediator, notary, and a negotiations coach. She is a role model for life long learning as she enrolls in courses both on and off campus. She has participated in El Centro and has served our community as a rape crisis counselor. Ms. Bryan is committed to Elon’s mission statement and values including: 'we foster respect for human differences, passion for life long learning, personal integrity, and an ethic of work and service.'"

Excellence in Service
Lynne M. Wentz
The School of Health Sciences award for Excellence in Service recognizes this staff member who has been a part of both departments in the School of Health Sciences.

"Mrs. Wentz came to the school from the corporate world and more recently she was a pre-school teacher. She worked with the Department of Physical Therapy Education for 10 years, assisting with many aspects of clinical education. In June 2011, Lynne became the first administrative assistant for the Department of Physician Assistant Studies. People describe Ms. Wentz as having a positive attitude that is contagious for both faculty members and students. She has a calming influence, is very caring, gracious, kind, and courteous. She is a role model in her professionalism. We all admire Lynne and enjoy working with her. She mirrors the Elon mission statement related to fostering respect for human differences. She has an outstanding work ethic and Elon University and the School of Health Sciences are fortunate to have Mrs. Wentz as a part of the team. We are happy she stayed in the family of the school."



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5/14/2012 11:57 AM