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KCSLCE: Timberlake Earth Sanctuary looking for Fall Intern

The Timberlake Earth Sanctuary is looking for a fall intern for their beautiful organic garden at 1501 Rock Creek Dairy Road in Whitsett, North Carolina. The garden serves hundreds of school children in the fall and spring. The intern would be expected to commit five hours a week towards the internship.

All Elon students must attend a Title IX Training before volunteering in the community. This agency may also require a criminal background check. 

If you are interested in this fall garden internship with Timberlake, please contact Marnie Weigel, the garden manager, at (336) 509-4452 or marniejoyce13@yahoo.com. If you are interested in learning more about Timberlake Earth Sanctuary, visit www.timberlakeearthsanctuary.com. Visitors are asked to make an appointment before visiting. 

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9/24/2012 2:18 PM