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KCSL: Eastlawn Elementary looking for volunteer to help create Outdoor Classroom

Eastlawn Elementary in Burlington is looking for one motivated student to head the construction of their outdoor classroom. They have the design and a grant for $1500, and now need a volunteer to help coordinate the classroom construction with picnic tables, benches, a podium, arbor, planter boxes, and a compost bin and possibly build on the initial grant money through community partnerships and discounts with local stores.

The volunteer would be asked to start as soon as possible on the project, and work whenever they are able to until project completion.

Interested? Students are invited to contact Dale Cryan at 336-266-4693 or at daleanna_cryan@abss.k12.nc.us. 

All Elon students must attend a Title IX Training before volunteering in the community. Your agency may also require a criminal background check.


10/18/2012 5:08 PM