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Elon Sustainability’s January Theme: Go Sustainably

The Office of Sustainability encourages you to GO Sustainably this month. Reduce your impact by making environmentally-friendly transportation choices.

The Elon community has many opportunities for sustainable travel for students, faculty and staff. Consider the following tips when getting around on and off campus:

- Ride a bike or walk around campus. Elon’s campus has many walkways, and bike racks are located in several locations across campus. Don’t have a bike? Rent one from Campus Recreation.
-Take the BioBus whenever possible. There are 5 routes servicing nearby apartments, shopping destinations, service sites and more. Check out the schedule!
- Don’t have a car on campus? No problem. Drive a Zipcar when you leave campus. Zipcar members can rent a fuel efficient vehicle for an hour, several hours or days at a time; and fees include gas and insurance. Get started with Zipcar today!
-Rideshare whenever possible. Elon has a private carpooling community—Zimride—which can help you find a rideshare partner. It’s free, easy to use and saves gas money!  Start your free Zimride account today.
-There are several parking spots on campus designated for low-emitting vehicles. LEVs include non-hybrid and hybrid models. A LEV permit is required to park in these spaces and can be obtained from the Traffic Office. To find out if you drive a LEV, click here.

To learn more about sustainable transportation options, visit the Sustainability website.

Rebecca Wickel,
1/3/2013 1:48 PM