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Pound Puppies/House & Pound Purries For Sale

Pound Puppies collection

I have a collection of  vintage (1980s) Pound Puppies, including 1 large one & 4 little ones. The large one has a blue sweater & a brown vinyl bomber jacket plus one of the little ones has "clothes." All are clean & in perfect condition. An added bonus is a cute homemade blue doghouse that houses all 5 dogs plus room to store extras. The doghouse does have 2 cracks in the roof which would be no problem to repair.

I also have two Pound Purries with clothes.

Complete collection is $30.

Please call Brenda at 336-584-7096 or email me at bcalhoun73@yahoo.com.  PLEASE DO NOT email Dr. Calhoun.

Pound Puppies & Doghouse
Pound Purries
Michael Calhoun,
3/28/2017 8:22 PM