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FOR SALE: Apple Display Monitor

PRICE: $450, this monitor was purchased NEW for over $1,000 and retails used between $600 - $800 online. 


p in the attached image is not included, was used to display that the monitor works)

Apple LED Cinema Display - 24" LED-backlit LCD monitor w/ Camera , USB hub

Below is the description from the Apple website. 

  1. "With the Apple LED Cinema Display, you can turn your MacBook into a desktop in three easy connections. The universal MagSafe connector charges your notebook. A Mini DisplayPort connector makes attaching an external display even easier and faster than before. And a USB connector provides access to three USB 2.0 ports. There's also a built-in iSight camera, microphone, and speaker system that provide a true desktop experience. Made of aluminum and glass, the LED Cinema Display is the perfect companion for the MacBook family"
4/26/2013 7:25 PM