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School of Health Sciences celebrates faculty achievement

Paula DiBiasio, Brenda Quincy and Stephen Folger were honored May 21 for service, scholarship and teaching.

The following is a transcript of remarks by Elizabeth A. Rogers, dean of the School of Health Sciences, at a May 21 awards ceremony honoring faculty.

Excellence in Service

The School of Health Sciences award for Excellence in Service recognizes a person who exemplifies the Elon servant-leadership model. This award is based on service in the preceding year plus overall willingness to volunteer one’s time when needed and to carry new ideas to reality.

Many things come to mind when thinking about this awardee’s service to the department, School and University. This individual has volunteered as a guest lecturer in exercise science and the health professions course for undergraduate students. The awardee has been a part of the Alamance Regional pediatric team this past year. Research focus has been on a walking curriculum for our ABSS children; hippotherapy used for children with motor impairments; effects of positioning on children’s gross motor development. Moving now to service, Dr. DiBiasio was elected in 2012 to serve as secretary for the NC Physical Therapy Association Pediatric Special Interest group. From 2011 until the present, Paula has been a member of the Faculty Research and Development committee, member of the Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee, provides free developmental screenings to the infants of the University community, mentors undergraduate exercise science students for their practicum.  At the Department level, Dr. DiBiasio serves as co-chair for the Curriculum Committee, member of the Alumni Awards Committee, and member of the Student Awards Committee.  Focus on the nomination letter related to Paula’s service as Chair for the Global Learning Opportunity (GLO) Committee for the School of Health Sciences.  The nominator said, “She has worked tirelessly to put in place all the pieces needed for a successful program.  Paula assembled faculty to form a committee from PA and PT.  She was and is an excellent leader during all the meetings.  After one year, she has accomplished so much and goes on to list the achievements”.  A summary of achievements for the GLO committee include:  sites in Italy, Belize, Romania, Africa (two programs), Kentucky, Alaska, 4-corners of U.S. with native American reservations, Yucatan, Belgium, Australia, Ghana, Albania and Vietnam.  WOW, what a list of places for our students in the School to volunteer or complete a clinical rotation.  Thank you Paula for providing this leadership for GLO.  While I have sometimes advised you that it is OK to say ‘no’ to opportunities presented to you, I am so glad you have taken this GLO Committee to heights in one year that are beyond all expectations.  Dr. DiBiasio, it is my honor to present you with the School of Health Sciences award for Service. Congratulations. 

Excellence in Research

The School of Health Sciences award for Excellence in Research recognizes a faculty member who exemplifies the teacher-scholar model. This award is based on research activitiy in the preceding year plus overall commitment to research.

This year’s recipient has a history of high interest in the area of research having served for over a year as a research assistant at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research by providing support for epidemiologic research in multiple sclerosis, lymphomas, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and varous viral markers.  Since joining a faculty in 2005, this awardee has been very active in publishing and presenting peer-reviewed information at the national level. This past year, Dr. Brenda Quincy had seven articles published in three different journals including: Journal of Physician Assistant Education, Journal of American Academy of Physician Assistants, and Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Additonally, she presented at the Physician Assistant Annual Education Forum. One may think how could Brenda be doing other things.  However, she contributed to other areas of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies as the Academic Coordinator for the didactic year for PA students and member of the PA faculty search committees. At the School level, Dr. Quincy serves as the Chair for the Curriculum Committee, and is a member of the Global Learning Opportunities committee.  She also serves on two University committees:  University Curriculum Committee and Appeals Board.  Please join me in congratulating Dr. Quincy on her outstanding achievements in the area of scholarship activities this past year. I am happy to present Dr. Quincy with the Excellence in Research Award.

Excellence in Teaching

The School of Health Sciences award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes a faculty member who exemplifies the University teacher-scholar model.  This person is outstanding in the classroom, engages students in the learning process, maintains academic rigor, and provides evidence of commitment to the intellectual development of students through mentoring and related activities.

This year’s awardee is described by students as being one of the best professors I have had in both undergrad and graduate school.  I came into the Neuro module knowing basically nothing about the topic and was very intimidated and dreadful for the upcoming months.  I felt Dr. Folger took the time to make sure we understood the material, and gave very helpful realistic examples to help make useful connections.  I thought he did a great job displaying the information in a visual way which especially helped me as a visual learner.  Dr. Folger has sparked my interest in this field and made me actually enjoy learning about a subject I was initially unsettled about. Other recent comments:  I appreciated his constant drive to help us all truly understand the information in any and every way possible—i.e. a variety of teaching tools.  He is sensitive to our needs.  He offers opportunities for review and makes himself available for extra help without hesitation or judgment.  Dr. Folger takes an extremely difficult topic and has succeeded in making the information accessible, applicable and interesting. 

Of course, if you attended the University Faculty-Staff awards luncheon, you know I could go on and on about Steve’s teaching abilities. However, I will not do so and will invite you to join me in congratulating Dr. Folger as he receives the Excellence in Teaching award for the School of Health Sciences.       

Eric Townsend,
5/21/2013 5:10 PM