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Senior class joins alumni ranks with gift to Elon

Student leaders collected more than $46,000 this year from seniors, their parents, grandparents and friends through the Senior Class Giving Campaign. 

Class of 2013 President Molly Shoop with Elon University President Leo M. Lambert

Hundreds of seniors and their relatives made gifts through the Senior Class Giving Campaign this year to areas of campus that meant the most to their student experience while at Elon University.

A total of 649 seniors, parents, grandparents and friends contributed to the campaign with relatives and friends contributing gifts in honor of their graduating seniors.  

Senior Class President Molly Shoop presented a check for $46,343.20 to Elon University President Leo M. Lambert on May 25, 2013, prior to Commencement ceremonies.

Members of the Senior Class Giving Committee included Kevin Beach, Abby Bradbury, Samantha Brain, David Brown, Erin Bucksbaum, Leigh Burgess, Ken Dunkle, Camille Hill, Jill Hollis, Sam Kahane, Nick Martin, Anna McCracken, Molly Shoop and Tricia Teter. The committee, chaired by Michael Gaytan,  encouraged classmates to demonstrate their commitment to Elon by giving back before graduation.

Senior donors became student members of IGNITE by participating in the campaign with 32 percent of the senior class participating in the drive.

To see a complete list of senior donors and to learn more about IGNITE, visit www.elon.edu/ignite.

Eric Townsend,
5/25/2013 2:00 PM