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Elon alumni appear on GMA Live

Will Anderson '13, David Gwynn '13 and Matt Carter '14 did a guest spot May 29.

On couch (l-r): Alexis Deprety, Will Anderson and Lucie Miller
Behind couch (l-r): Patrick Cunningham, David Gwynn and Sarah Davenport

Elon University alumni Will Anderson '13 and David Gwynn '13 and rising senior Matt Carter all appeared for a quick guest spot on Good Morning America Live May 29 to discuss an Elon tribute video they made that features a shot-by-shot recreation of the "Friends" opening credit sequence.

Anderson, Gwynn and Carter, cinema students in the School of Communications, shot their video in and around Fonville Fountain outside of Alamance with fellow 2013 graduates Lucie Miller, Sarah Davenport, Alexis Deprey and Patrick Cunningham. Gwynn said the idea for the video came from Davenport, who said the closeness of this Elon-based tight-knit group of friends was similar to that of the characters on "Friends."

But how did the students get access to the famous fountain for their two-night shoot?

"We had to weigh whether to go behind the university's back and do it or ask permission," Gwynn said. "(Vice President and Dean of Student Life Smith Jackson) let us do it."

GMA Live is an online streaming companion show to ABC's Good Morning America. You can watch the interview here.

Colin Donohue,
5/29/2013 7:30 AM