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Omri Shimron co-edits National Music Exam

Shimron invited to edit and revise the Major Field Test in Music, adminstered by Educational Test Services (ETS®). 

Omri Shimron, associate professor in the Music Department, was invited to revise and edit the Major Field Test (MFT) in Music, produced, authored, and adminsitered by Educational Testing Services (ETS). The MFTs are outcomes-assessment instruments in a variety of disciplines which, according to the ETS website, are meant to "measure the critical knowledge and understanding obtained by students in a major field of study". The invitation was made in Feburary, 2012 and culminated in an October 2012 conference at ETS headquarters in Princeton, NJ. The revision committee consisted of

Omri Shimron
six music-academics from various US colleages and universities, including Arizona State, U. Nebraska-Lincoln, Colorado College, Ithaca College, and others. The revised exam has been approved and will be shipped to participating schools in Fall 2013. The Elon Music Department has been administering the exam for many years as a way to assess and develop the music curriculum. 

For more information about ETS and the MFT, click here

Omri Shimron,
6/9/2013 11:30 AM