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Job opportunity: DEEP student program coordinator for the Multiculutral Center

The student program coordinator will have the opportunity to provide diversity education to students, faculty and staff around Elon's campus. 

The SPC position is a para-professional position within the MCC and is open to all students who think they are capable of handling the responsibilities set aside for the SPC. Below you will find a description for the position as well as what will be required of the SPC for their respective program. 

Mission: Utilize peer education to provide thought-provoking and engaging diversity training to Elon community members and students. Increase awareness, understanding and appreciation regarding the richly diverse student population at Elon University.

DEEP Student Program Coordinator Duties:

  • Recruit highly motivated and enthusiastic Diversity Advocates
  • Coordinate diversity training events and workshops for Diversity Advocates continued training and campus wide training.
  • Facilitate DEEP Impact in Elon 101 and up request by other groups
  • Co-facilitate Diversity Advocate  weekly meetings
  • Develop that selected leadership team within the group of Diversity Advocates.
  • Coordinate DEEP initiatives such as diversity field trips, program evaluation, best practices assessment,researching diversity contacts and programming and at other institutions.
  • Coordinate and facilitate programs that bring issues of diversity education to the classroom and campus including DEEP Impact, DEEP Days, Tunnel of Oppression, and Thanksgiving with a Twist.
  • Create and maintain a master calendar for DEEP, events, workshops and trainings.
  • Submit articles (one per semester) for inclusion in the Multicultural Center Newsletter
  • Work with the fellow SPC’s to develop a quarterly newsletter and/or blog along with other social networking.
  • Coordinate Diversity Grant Application process under the guidance of the Assistant Director.
  • Work with Advisor and Faculty Fellow to develop Multicultural Education program for classrooms

Desired Qualities and Skills:

  • High energy and enthusiasm
  • Strong skills in event planning and organization
  • Ability to lead and motivate others
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Passion for diversity awareness and education
  • Interest in facilitation and diversity program development
  • Able to develop strong relationships with faculty.

‚ÄčIf you think you are interested in the position, please contact either Deanna Fox at dfox5@elon.edu or Khyandra Murrain at kmurrain@elon.edu for more information. 

Deanna Fox ,
6/19/2013 10:20 AM