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Job outlook strong for Elon's Class of 2013

Eighty-three percent of students who completed their studies in May answered a survey that measured employment and graduate school plans at the time of Commencement.

Three quarters of graduates in Elon University's Class of 2013 reported in a May survey that they were either employed, headed to graduate school, working for a service organization or voluntarily taking time off, according to data released this week by the university's Student Professional Development Center.

Figures indicate that job prospects and success outpace numbers from the previous class.
The Student Professional Development Center each year surveys new alumni three times - at graduation, three months out, and nine months out. Student outcome related to employment continues to rise and the percentage of those employed who indicated that their position related to their career goals was again strong.
Overall Class Results
74% of all respondents are employed, have been accepted to graduate/professional school, are completing a post-graduate internship/fellowship, are working for a service organization (e.g., Peace Corps, Teach For America), or are voluntarily taking time off.  By comparison, this percentage was 71% for the class of 2012.
50% of all survey respondents had reported accepting a job at time of graduation. By comparison, that number stood at 47% for the class of 2012 and 41% for the class of 2011.

78% of those reporting employment have indicated that their current position “is related to my career objective.”  

28% of survey respondents report acceptance to graduate or professional school.
87% of recent graduates had completed an internship, a number consistent with previous years.

The median reported salary for class of 2013 graduates thus far is $38,000. The mean is $41,400.

Eric Townsend,
7/15/2013 4:40 PM