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More historic Elon publications available online

Belk Library Archives and Special Collections has recently made two more significant Elon publications available online—the Student Handbook and the Bulletin of Elon College, Special Series.

The Elon student handbooks are available from 1922 to 2012. As it does today, the historical student handbooks provided information on the policies and regulations related to student conduct and student government.

The Bulletin of Elon College, Special Series, includes dates from 1905 to 1976. The Special Series titles served as a vehicle for each administration to communicate to Elon students, staff and alumni what was happening at Elon at given times throughout each academic year. Some booklets addressed specific events, like the Library Number of 1924 that is dedicated to the opening of Carlton Library, and the Athletic Number from June 1926, which includes President William Allen Harper's commencement address, "Spiritual Athletes.”  Other titles, like the New Series, Opening Numbers and Commencement Numbers were published on a more regular basis to signal the stages of each academic year cycle. Many of the titles, especially the Illustrated Numbers, include historical photographs of the campus.

To view these publications, please visit http://archive.org/details/elonuniversity.

This project was made possible through the LYRASIS Mass Digitization Collaborative, a Sloan Foundation grant-subsidized program that has made digitization easy and affordable for libraries and cultural institutions across the country. Please contact Shaunta Alvarez (salvarez@elon.edu) or Katie Nash (knash@elon.edu) with any questions about these collections.

Shaunta Alvarez,
8/9/2013 2:30 PM