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Jason Husser speaks with WFMY News 2 on nuke plant safety

The assistant professor of political science offered a word of caution about a recent academic report calling for enhanced security at U.S. nuclear plants.

Assistant Professor Jason Husser

Assistant Professor Jason Husser spoke Aug. 15, 2013, with WFMY News 2 about a new study out of the University of Texas at Austin in which the authors called for additional security measures at all nuclear power plants in the United States and that each is vulnerable to theft or sabotage.

The report cited 11 nuclear plants in particular need of attention, including one in North Carolina.

Husser, however, told reporter Megan Hightower that it's "too early to tell" whether the reported threats to nuclear power plants are legitimate.

"It's not necessarily that these authors are incorrect, they may be very legitimate in their research, but this has not gone through a very serious, rigorous peer-review process," said the assistant director of the Elon University Poll.

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Eric Townsend,
8/16/2013 9:05 AM