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Thomas Erdmann profiled in new book

Professor of Music Thomas Erdmann is included in a new book profiling trumpet greats from 1542 until the present day. 

Professor Thomas Erdmann in the Department of Music is biographically featured in the new book, Trumpet Greats: A Biographical Dictionary, published by HME.  The book, written by leading trumpet pedagogues David Hickman, Michel Laplace, and Edward H. Tarr, includes biographies of important trumpeters since 1542 - the date of the invention of the precursor to the modern trumpet.  The book presents only the most significant soloists, orchestra players, jazz musicians, instrument designers and manufacturers, teachers, historians, authors, band and chamber players, studio and freelance artists, etc., from the founding days of the modern trumpet until today.  In all musicians from 64 different countries are represented.

Thomas Erdmann,
8/16/2013 11:20 AM