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POWERless featuring COMPETE to CONSERVE – Week 1 Results

Oaks D, Cannon Pavilion and The Sustainables from Colonnades are in the lead for conserving the most energy.

POWERless results from Week 1

Conserving energy has multiple long term-benefits such as better air quality, healthier people and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. During POWERless featuring COMPETE to CONSERVE (Sept. 16-Oct. 8), students have the additional benefit of being rewarded for their conservation efforts immediately.

All students living on campus can participate in POWERless and have a chance to win an iPad mini or $50 Phoenix Cash if their building conserves the most energy during the competion. To see where your building or neighborhood currently stands check the Building Dashboard.

Congratulations to The Sustainables representing Colonnades, Kivette for having the most points during Week 1 of the team competition, COMPETE to CONSERVE. It was close with the Justice League just one point behind. Complete team rankings and points can be found on the results page.

Jessica Bilecki,
9/27/2013 9:30 AM