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Elon Counseling Center staff publishes book

Elon counselor Christine Borzumato-Gainey is the co-editor of a recently published book, "College Student Mental Health Counseling: A Developmental Approach."

Seeing the need for a mental health text that addresses the distinctive social world and developmental challenges of the traditional college student, Christine Borzumato-Gainey and co-editor Suzanne Degges-White created a unique clinical resource for higher education and mental health professionals. 

The text also addresses the particular needs of non-traditional students and the impact of cultural identity and gender role.

The result of a collaborative effort, the idea for this powerful framework was initiated by Chris Troxler. And the book chapter on working with grieving college students was co-authored by Borzumato-Gainey and a recent Elon graduate, Elise Noyes '13.


Christine Borzumato-Gainey,
10/18/2013 8:45 AM