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DiRienzo, Lilly publish article on online versus face-to-face learning

Two professors in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business recently had their research comparing the outcomes of online versus face-to-face undergraduate business school learning published.

Professors DiRienzo and Lilly

Cassandra DiRienzo, associate professor of economics and associate dean of the Love School of Business, and Gregory Lilly, associate professor of economics, coauthored the article, “Online versus Face-to-Face: Does Delivery Method Matter for Undergraduate Business School Learning?,” which appears in Business Education and Accreditation, 6(1): 1-11.

Below is the abstract of the article:

Considering the significant growth in online and distance learning, the question arises as to how this different delivery method can affect student learning.  Specifically, this study compares the student learning outcomes on both a “basic” and “complex” assignment given in the same course, but using two different delivery methods of traditional face-to-face and online, across five undergraduate business courses taught at Elon University during the summer 2007 session.  This study includes data from over 120 students and, after controlling for other factors known to affect student performance, the results indicate that delivery method has no significant difference in student learning.

Nicole Filippo,
10/22/2013 1:40 PM