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Elon DPT faculty, students and alumni present at national conference

The Department of Physical Therapy Education was represented at the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association held in Las Vegas from Feb. 3-7, 2014.

Shin-Yiing Yeung, Elon DPT 2013

Students, alumni, and faculty combined for 13 presentations: 12 posters and one platform. The authors and titles of the presentations were:

1. Andrews AW, Li D, Freburger J.  The Association of Rehabilitation Service Use on Hospital Readmission for Patients with Acute Stroke.

2. Bourassa M, Beneciuk J, Osborne R, Rowe R. The Primary Use of a Home Exercise Program in the Management of a Patient with Peripheral Nerve Injury following Cervical Limpoma Removal: A Case Study.

3. Brindley LM, Haley-Rezac D, Lewis CL. Conservative Physical Therapy Treatment in an Individual with Tinnitus, Headaches, and a Chiari Malformation Type I.

Jaimie Cunningham, 3rd year DPT student

4. Chinworth SA. Influence of Prerequisite Courses in Physical Therapist Education.

5. Clodfelter A, Freund J. The Effects of Manual Therapy, Balance and Mobility Training on Functional Outcomes in an Individual with Parkinson Disease and Low Back Pain.

6. Cunningham J, Freund J, Balilionis G, Bopp M. Effects of Diet and Exercise on Physiological, Functional, and Self-Report Outcomes in a Person with Multiple Sclerosis - A Case Study.

7. Freund J, Stetts DM, Magill J, Fedorcha MD, Hardison A, Long KA, Vallabhajosula S. Trunk Endurance Tests in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: Reliability and Comparison to Healthy Matched Controls

8. Gouillon B, Freund J. The Effect of Manual Therapy and Upper Extremity Task Practice on Shoulder Range of Motion, Upper Extremity Function, and Quality of Life in an Individual with Hemiparesis Post Stroke.

Robert Hensley, 3rd year DPT student

9. Hamilton H, Hine K, Freund J. The Effects of Task-specific Training on Balance, Gait and Quality of Life in a Person with Chronic Brainstem Stroke

10. Hensley RL, Bailey S, Vallabhajosula S. Does Resistance Exercise Improve Dual Task Gait Performance in Older Adults?

11. Lawson D, Herron D, Luthy J. Use of Telehealth As A Teaching Method in Wound Care For Year III DPT Students.

12.Vallabhajosula S, Johansson C. Are Static and Dynamic Balance Training Beneficial for Older Adults with Increased Fall-risk?

13. Yeung S, Vallabhajosula S, Bailey S. Trends among Self-Reported Yoga-Related Injuries: An Exploratory Study.


Sue Chinworth,
2/20/2014 2:20 PM