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Chemistry professors, Lumen Prize alumni co-author journal article

Victoria Del Gaizo Moore, assistant professor of chemistry, and Karl Sienerth, professor of chemistry, along with Mary Bedard '12 (Biochemistry) and Kelly Giffear '12 (Biochemistry) had a research article accepted to the journal Biophysical Chemistry.

The article stemmed from undergraduate research sponsored by Elon's Lumen Prize.   

"Characterization of Binding Between 17β-estradiol and Estriol with Humic Acid via NMR and Biochemical Analysis" used a combination of analytical and biochemical techniques to seek a more substantial understanding of binding between estrogens and humic acid. Understanding estrogen-humic substance interactions is of importance in order to guide thoughtful decisions on potential regulatory controls of pharmaceuticals, such as estrogens, in wastewater. 

It was accepted on Feb. 2 and a preliminary version published online on Feb. 14.  http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0301462214000271

Vickie Moore,
2/23/2014 5:45 AM