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Meredith Allison authors journal article and book chapter

Meredith Allison, associate professor of psychology, has had two recent first-authored publications in psychology and law (citations are below). Laura Sweeney '11 co-authored the journal article. Sweeney started work on this project in SURE 2010.

Allison, M. & Brimacombe, C. A. E. (2014). A credible crime report? Communication and perceived credibility of elderly eyewitnesses. In M. P. Toglia, D. F. Ross, J. Pozzulo, & E. Pica (Eds.). The Elderly Eyewitness in Court. New York, NY: Routledge, Taylor & Francis (pp. 289-307).

Allison, M., Sweeney, L., & Jung, S. (2013). A comparison of Canadian and American offender stereotypes. North American Journal of Psychology, 15, 589-608.

Meredith Allison,
2/26/2014 6:10 PM