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Phoenix Question launches in March

A new initiative brings a weekly conversation starter every Monday that encourages students, faculty, staff and the greater community to engage in thought provoking, fun and challenging discussions.

The act of asking questions is a part of the human condition. We all have a deep childish curiosity and wonderment of the world and we use questions as our catalyst to express and cultivate these thoughts.

The idea of Phoenix Question stemmed from a conversation among a group of student, faculty and staff about what it means to be an intellect. The group agreed that a major challenge is encouraging students to see themselves as intellects, while our culture labels intellects as presumptuous, uncool, and strictly studious. However, we see intellects as people of passion who enjoy thinking about a variety of things in a deeper way, who crave learning, and test their ideas or values and ultimately grow. Therefore, we hope Phoenix Question sparks excitement on campus and reminds us we all are intellects, enabling a community conversation and thoughtful discussion.

Do you love questions as much as we do? You can join the Phoenix Question conversation and pose your own questions on a number of platforms including Facebook (Phoenix Question), Twitter (@PhoenixQuestion), and our soon to release website (blogs.elon.edu/PhoenixQuestion).

For more information on this new program, contact Mat Goldberg (mgoldberg3@elon.edu), Ray Haack (rhaack@elon.edu), or Jodean Schmiederer (jschmiederer@elon.edu). 

Jodean Schmiederer,
3/4/2014 12:00 PM