FAQ for Students

Why should I do an internship?
Internships are valuable opportunities that bridge coursework with real life work experience. It allows you to work within a company and experience the industry. It also helps in determining if the major you have chosen best fits your skill sets and talents.

Am I required to register for an internship?
All LSB majors (except for economic majors) entering in 2006 and thereafter must fulfill an internship requirement to graduate. LSB students must register with the university in order to receive credit during the semester in which you are completing the internship.

What are the requirements to be eligible for an internship?
All students are eligible to participate in an internship, however, all internships must be approved by the Director of Internships before a student can receive credit.

What resources are available in order to secure an internship?
Internships can be sought in several different ways. They include:
a. LSB Career Services
b. Elon Job Network
c. Internet web search (i.e. Aftercollege.com; Indeed.com; simplyhired.com)
d. Networking

What is the procedure once I have secured an internship in order to receive credit?
In order to register for an internship, you must have secured an internship. Make an appointment with the Director of Internships to discuss your internship.  The internship registration process is electronic and the link must be requested from the Director of Internships in order for your internship to be reviewed as a for-credit internship.

May I complete my internship during one semester and receive credit at a later time?
There is no retroactive credit given for internships.  If you are interested in receiving credit for your internship, you must register and complete the coursework during the semester your internship is registered for.

How many hours must I complete to earn internship credits?*
Beginning Fall 2011, 1 credit hour=80 hours of internship work; 2 credit hours=160 hours or internship work; 3 credit hours=240 hours of internship work; and 4 credit hours=320 hours of internship work.
*Please note that the amount of internship hours worked is subject to change.

Can I get paid for my internship and earn credit?
Elon University does allow interns to register for credit hours for paid internships.

How many internships am I allowed to complete?
While students are allowed to complete as many internships as they would like, students are only allowed to apply a maximum of 8 internship credit hours toward the LSB major.  The total of 16 internship credit hours is the cap for transcripts. 

What coursework is involved as an intern?
Student interns work with the Director of Internships.  There is a syllabus that will provide the outline of required coursework and materials for the final internship grade.

Interns are required to submit weekly journal entries on Blackboard, read suggested material and write a final reflection paper upon completion of the internship.

Who is my faculty sponsor?
Your Professional Development advisor

What are learning goals and objectives?
Goals and objectives allow student interns to set the tone of what they would like to accomplish, learn and gain from their internship experience.  The students, faculty and site supervisors collaborate on setting goals and offering feedback throughout the internship experience.