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Although there is no Latin minor, all Latin courses at Elon count towards the Classical Studies minor. As of Fall 2011, we offer the full range of introductory and intermediate courses, and advanced courses are in the works for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Upcoming Classes

Students who are coming to Elon with some Latin background as well as those who might already be here and interested in an intermediate Latin course will be excited to learn that we will be offering Latin 221 in the Fall of 2011! More information below.

Latin 121. Elementary Latin I - 4 sh
For true novices are those who need a substantial review of what they learned in high school, Latin 121 is the gateway to all other Latin courses. The course is an introduction not only to the grammar and syntax of the language but also to the culture of the people who originally spoke and wrote in it. Prerequisite: none.

Latin 122. Elementary Latin II - 4 sh
This is both a continuation and a development of what students learned in 121: the instructor uses as individually-based approach to the material so that students of every level are reviewing and learning what they need as they need it. By the midpoint of the course, students can be well on their way to reading Latin and learning more about the culture, history, and literature of the Romans. Prerequisite: 121, placement at this level, or permission of the instructor.

Latin 221. Intermediate Latin I - 4 sh
Although we begin with a swift review of basic points of grammar and syntax, our focus in this course is on honing our reading and translation skills in order to develop an ease and comfort with the language. This year (Fall 2011) we will work with the first book of Livy’s History of Rome, in which he discusses Aeneas’ flight from Troy, the legendary founding of the city, and the earliest kings of Rome, among many other fascinating stories. Prerequisites: 122, placement at this level, or permission of the instructor.

Latin 222:  Intermediate Latin II - 4 sh
Love and luxury, slaves and sex, humor and Homer: all of these and more are the topics addressed by the characters in Petronius’ famous Satyricon.  Written in the first century CE, the text reflects and satirizes Roman life under the rule of the emperor Nero, whose own contributions to history are well-known. Our readings will focus on chapters 26-78 of the text: otherwise known as the Cena Trimalchionis, this long excerpt follows the main characters through a series of adventures at a freedman’s dinner party, and gives us fantastic glimpses into the world of Rome in the mid-first century of the common era. Prerequisites:  221, placement at this level or at 221, or permission of the instructor.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Prof. Meinking is currently working with the Classical Studies program faculty to develop study abroad opportunities for those who wish to continue and/or improve their Latin outside of the U.S. For more information about study abroad at Elon, click here.