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Classical Studies

Minor Requirement

A minor in Classical Studies requires the following courses:
Twenty semester hours selected from the list below and/or from other approved courses. At least eight semester hours must be at or above the 300-level. Courses must be chosen from at least three departments.

Acceptable courses in Classical Studies include:

  • ARH 210 Art History I: Gods and Emperors
  • ARH 211 Art History II: Cathedrals to Conquest
  • CLA 110 Introduction to Classical Studies
  • ENG 221 British Literature I
  • ENG 238 African American Literature before 1945
  • ENG 321 Classical Literature
  • ENG 322 Medieval Literature
  • ENG 323 Renaissance Literature
  • FNA 265 Fine Arts in Italy/ELR
  • FNA 313 British Art and Architecture
  • GRK 121 Ancient and Biblical Greek I
  • GRK 122 Ancient and Biblical Greek II
  • GST 222 Italy’s Heritage
  • GST 226 Culture of Ancient Rome (2 sh)
  • GST 246 Greece: Classics In Context
  • GST 262 Culture of Ancient Greece (2 sh)
  • GST 352 Classical Mythology
  • GST 409 Magic and Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean World
  • HST 111 Europe and the Mediterranean World to 1500
  • HST 323 Making of the English Nation to 1660
  • HST 326 Ancient Greece
  • HST 327 Ancient Rome
  • HST 328 Ancient Heroes
  • LAT 120 Elementary Latin Review (2 sh)
  • LAT 121 Elementary Latin I
  • LAT 122 Elementary Latin II
  • LAT 221 Intermediate Latin I
  • LAT 222 Intermediate Latin II
  • MUS 315 The Music of Ancient Times through Mozart
  • PHL 331 Ancient Philosophy
  • PHL 332 Medieval Philosophy
  • PHL 355 Philosophy of Religion
  • POL 300 Introduction to Political Thought
  • REL 203 Islamic Traditions
  • REL 211 Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
  • REL 212 Introduction to the New Testament and Early Christian Literature
  • REL 324 Theodicy: The Problem of Evil in Ancient Jewish and Christian Literature
  • REL 325 The Apocalyptic Imagination, Ancient and Modern
  • REL 326 Sex Lives of Saints: Sex, Gender and Family in Early Christianity
  • REL 327 Messiahs, Martyrs and Memory
  • REL 358 Sites and Rites: Sacred Space and Ritual in World Religions
  • REL 364 Approaching the Quran
  • REL 365 Jihad in Historical and Global Perspective
  • REL 366 Jews and Muslims: Symbiosis, Cooperation and Conflict
  • REL 367 Religion and Empire in Late Antiquity
  • THE 301 Theatre History and Literature I

TOTAL: 20 sh



This course is a substantive examination of archaic and classical Greek or Roman poetry, history, art and philosophy, with an eye to modern reception of the ancient texts and artistic works. Students reflect on how reading these works can inform their understanding of contemporary (and timeless) debates about warfare, education, imperialism, the role of art in society and how to live the “just life.” Course format includes daily writing, short lectures and small group discussion. Counts as partial fulfillment of the General Studies Expression requirement. Offered fall semester.