The Elon Center for the Study of Religion, Culture, and Society is the research arm of the Elon University multi-faith center, which is located in the heart of campus and seeks to foster a diverse community of study, discourse and practice that promotes mutual understanding and respect across and within religious traditions and belief systems and contributes to the development of global citizenship.

The Elon Center for the Study of Religion, Culture, and Society highlights and promotes the interdisciplinary study of religion, culture, and society. This faculty-led center draws together faculty from disciplines across Elon’s campus, with students, staff, community members, and experts from the region and beyond. The Center will work to foster research, teaching, and dialogue that informs community knowledge and action.

The Center offers rich and varied resources to fulfill the university’s vision of encouraging spiritual formation and expression, promoting religious literacy and respect for diverse faith traditions and world views, examining the role of religion in society, and supporting research and scholarship on religion. The Center invites broad participation of community members into meaningful dialogue, regardless of personal professions of faith, as a reflection of our commitment to modeling the respectful exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Center Intiatives include:

  • Supporting the interdisciplinary study of religion on Elon's campus among faculty and students;
  • Sponsoring colloquia on emerging and enduring issues related to the role of religion in culture and society;
  • Promoting excellence in undergraduate research related to the study of religion;
  • Establishing an international scholar-in-residence program;
  • Offering support for faculty on engaging the topic of religion in academic settings.

News and Events

Indian Shabbat Dinner - April 8

Enjoy a special multi-faith Shabbat dinner with Indian food.

Hijabi Monologues - Feb. 26

Geoffrey Claussen publishes on Jewish perspectives on wealth and poverty

Claussen's paper titled “The Legacy of the Kelm School of Musar on Questions of Work, Wealth and Poverty,” appears in Wealth and Poverty in Jewish Tradition, ed. Leonard J. Greenspoon (Purdue University Press)

Religious Studies Faculty Present Research

Members of the Religious Studies department participated in and presented their research at the annual meetings of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature in Atlanta, GA, Nov. 20-23.

Geoffrey Claussen publishes on dangerous visions of 'repairing the world'

Claussen's paper was published in "Tikkun Olam: Judaism, Humanism & Transcendence", edited by David Birnbaum and Martin S. Cohen