Study of Religion

Undergraduate Research

Download the Application for Undergraduate Research Support here.

Promoting Undergraduate Research

One of the aims of the Center will be to promote excellence in undergraduate research in the study of religion and culture. Two avenues for pursuing this include the following:

  • Integration of student research into the research of faculty involved in the interdisciplinary study of religion and culture. Topics for the research colloquia would be announced at least one year in advance, allowing honors students, Elon College fellows and other interested students the opportunity to engage in background reading that would prepare them to participate in various aspects of the colloquia. Students who choose to engage in undergraduate research around the theme of the colloquia will benefit from exposure to and dialogue with the various faculty involved with the project and the students would be able to develop a cohort of undergraduate students pursuing related research questions.
  • Promotion of national standards of excellence in undergraduate research in the study of religion and culture. Given the relatively recent development of undergraduate research in humanities disciplines, there is a dearth of knowledge about how to effectively engage undergraduate students in the humanities in research. Two Elon faculty members have participated in two national grants examining undergraduate research in the discipline of Religious Studies for the purpose of developing disciplinary standards and best practices for undergraduate research in the field of Religious Studies. Building on the work of these two previous grants and the expertise of our faculty, the Center for the Study of Religion offers an opportunity to help further the development of excellence in undergraduate research by holding an annual summer workshop to teach faculty how to design and implement research projects with students interested in the study of religion. This program will have the potential to create a significant national model for supporting undergraduate research in the humanities and offer the possibility of strengthening the undergraduate study of religion nationwide.