Faculty Voices from Elon University

In line with its value of civic engagement, Elon University developed the Elon University Writers Syndicate to provide newspapers with guest columns authored by experts in their fields on topics of interest to residents of North Carolina and beyond.

The syndicate is managed by the Elon University News Bureau in coordination with faculty contributors.

Viewpoints shared by this syndicate are those of the authors and not of Elon University.

Recent Columns

In My Words: An open-and-shut case against HB2

Elon University School of Law Associate Professor Enrique Armijo penned a column for North Carolina's largest newspapers in which he argues that state lawmakers passed an unconstitutional law this spring by limiting the rights of local towns and counties to create nondiscrimination ordinances. 

In My Words: More than just a game - the emergence of cognitive computing

Elon University scholar Pranab Das' past research on neural networks inspired a guest column published by regional newspapers in which he gives a preview of what humans can expect from computers in the coming years.

In My Words: The threat of Obama

Professor Rebecca Todd Peters' recent blog entry for Patheos.com - a column also published by regional newspapers - deconstructs the historical context for animosity toward President Barack Obama that, in some instances, is directly tied to racism.

In My Words: OscarsSoWhat?

Associate Professor Naeemah Clark recently published a column in regional newspapers about the lack of diversity among 2016 Academy Award nominees, and how recent changes in the Academy will produce a broader selection of nominees in future years.

In My Words: Why the Y is the 'true America'

A newspaper column by Professor Tom Arcaro reflects on the YMCA's first national advertising campaign, "The Y. For a better us," and contrasts the Y's mission with rhetoric in the 2016 presidential election cycle.

In My Words: This is what happens when we ignore our own 'red lines'

Assistant Professor Haya Ajjan writes in several regional newspapers about the need to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a precondition to success in battling ISIS.

In My Words: Eliminate Duke's monopoly on renewables

Associate Professor Jeffrey S. Coker authored a guest column for regional newspapers in which he criticizes Duke Energy’s efforts to stop a North Carolina nonprofit from selling solar power to a Greensboro church.