General policies for using the Maker Hub are on the Policies page.

Who is a maker?

You are! If you’ve ever created or built anything of value (to you or to someone else), you are a maker.

What is a Maker Mindset?

The community in the Maker Hub promotes a Maker Mindset, which includes taking ownership of your learning, developing your intrinsic motivation, and embracing failure as an essential component of your learning process. 

What if I know nothing?

You mean, “What if I know nothing yet?” We have awesome student staff members, a bunch of books and resources, and even faculty and staff we can connect you with. If you want to learn something, you can.

What can I do there?

Print your digital designs on a 3D printer, sew programmable blinking lights into your shirt, build and program a robot arm, learn about circuits, or meet up with some friends to play with LEGOs (seriously–we have a lot of LEGOs). Go to Equipment to see a full list.

Can I use the space?

Yes, if you have a Phoenix card and are an active Elon student, faculty or staff member.


Check the Maker Hub hours on the left-side of this website. 

How much is it?

There’s no charge to use the Maker Hub for most projects. If a project requires an unusual amount of materials, please talk with an elite student or email to talk about ways you can purchase additional materials. 

What if I need something that isn’t in the Maker Hub?

Tell a Maker Hub elite student or email We will be adding equipment throughout the year. If something is requested by several people, we may purchase it for the Maker Hub.

In addition, equipment like table saws, drill presses, and other traditional workshop equipment is available at Elon. We can work with you to facilitate access to those tools in workshop areas around campus. You’ll likely need to meet with the supervisor of those workshop areas for a safety training session, and your access to their space is ultimately at their discretion. 

Can I reserve the Maker Hub for my class?

It might be possible to reserve the Maker Hub for your class during the semester or for a limited amount of time. Contact to start the conversation. If you want to introduce your class to the space: schedule an orientation for your class by filling out our Orientation Registration Form!

Instructors interested in incorporating the Maker Hub into a lesson should email to schedule a consult with a Teaching and Learning Technologies Instructional Technologist.

Can I reserve the Maker Hub for my student organization?

Not exactly, you are welcome to meet your group in the Maker Hub and use it together as a group, but the Maker Hub will still be open to other Phoenix Card holders. So there’s a chance others will be working in the space as well. 

Can community members use the Maker Hub?

Not generally. Invited community guests will be welcome during specific programs. If you're a community member looking to make something, we encourage you to visit STEAM Junction in downtown Burlington.

Have other questions? Email them to